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Valiant Games was formed on January 1, 1999 when OmniMarcus, the creator of Oem Prime was dissolved. Being a partner of the now demised OmniMarcus and having designed a large portion of the Oem Prime gaming system, I decided to continue where I left off.

I decided to do this because it is my belief that the gaming system I developed has great potential in the gaming industry. All it lacked was some refinement and the advertising dollars to get the word out.

This brings us to Hidden Legacy™. Hidden Legacy™ is the continuation of the system I developed with many refinements, enhancements, and additions not in the original system. To bring Hidden Legacy™ from a dream to a reality took longs hours and a great team. This team consisting of designers, technical writers, editors, and artists is truly making a superior product. This team, not available during the birthing process at OmniMarcus, has had a large impact on Hidden Legacy (as anyone who owns Oem Prime will surely agree).

It is the desire of Valiant Games to make gaming systems that is both easy to learn and fun to play. With these aspects, we hope to get players eager for a new system and convince those who have played other systems for years to give this one a try, you won't be disappointed.

It is also our mission to build detailed worlds that players will enjoy adventuring in. It's great to have a good gaming system, but you still need a world to play in. Hence we are designing location-based scenarios that will allow players to truly explore a new world, to be the pioneers, the treasure hunters, the explorers!

With all that in mind, we find it extremely important to keep the lines of communication open to our players. We encourage all players to give feedback concerning our games. It is through this feedback that we improve the our games to make them better for everyone to enjoy.