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February 25, 2005
Curious to see some of the dice we have to offer in one quick image? Click here.

October 30, 2004
Check out the Web Store. CCG Opaque sets are now in stock. These are sets of either 5D20, 5D10, or 5D6. Each set as a blue, green, red, black, and white die. These sets are often used as counters in many CCGs.

Also added to our dice inventory are sets of speckled D6 16mm.

March 28, 2004
PayPal is now here. If you shop at our web store, you can now make payment via PayPal using you credit card. You do not need an PayPal account, all you need is a Visa, Master Card or Discover.

January 21, 2004
More dice added to our Web Store. Check out the marbles and goldmist. Great prices on all dice.

December 1, 2003
Dice inventories are fully stock. Check out the online shop.

Retailers, contact us if you are interested in carry good dice and a great price. We make sets especially for your store according to your needs and if you want, we can even place a label on the dice sets with your logo and store info.

February 4, 2002
Looking for DICE?! Our online catalog is currently being updated. Take a look and find something you like at our shop.

July 28, 2001
Korroth Kombat is completed and will be available at Gen Con 2001. Stop by our booth (122) to see first hand how to play this fun new game.

June 5, 2001
Korroth Kombat in nearing completion and will be going into production just in time for Gen Con 2001. More information on this new Card/Dice game will be available shortly. Basically its a combat game were two or more players use their party members in an attempt to eliminate the other player's members. It centers around medieval / fantasy combat and involves strategy as well as tactics. Each party can consist of up to 9 individuals and are based on the 9 races of the World of Korroth (Hidden Legacy RPG).

February 17, 2001
Gen Con 2001 Events. For those interested in playing Hidden Legacy, check out the event listing in the pre-reg book. There will be 6 events held. Signup as soon as you can, space is very limited.

April 25, 2000
If you are planning on going to Gen Con this year, stop by our booth (#122). Same place as last year. There are several reasons to stop by : excellent prices on dice, new scenarios for Hidden Legacy, Hidden Legacy (2nd Edition), The BodyDie™ - now in yellow!, or just to chat. Always interested to hear your comments about our games.

April 19, 2000
Events for Gen Con 2000. This year, for the first time, we will be running events at Gen Con. There will be at least seven events being run to teach newcomers to the game of Hidden Legacy as well as short adventures for those who are already experienced in the game. Sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

October 21, 1999
The first battle demo is now up. It is a short example of melee combat using the Hidden Legacy Battle System™

October 15, 1999
Retail area is now available to retail client.

October 7, 1999
The Valint Game Web Store is now completed. All items ranging from multi-sided dice, to our special dice, to our Hidden Legacy™ RPG can now be purchased online.

October 5, 1999
The Valiant Game Web Store is now open. Items will be added daily until the our entire catalog is online. If you have any problems or comments about the store, send us feedback.

September 1, 1999
Hidden Legacy™: The World of Korroth™

The first scenario for the World of Korroth™ is scheduled for Christmas 1999. Stay tune for updates.

August 5, 1999
Hidden Legacy™ : Rules Of Play released at Gen Con 99.