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Battle Packs consist of 10 BattleDice™ and were designed for use with the Hidden Legacy Battle System™. The HLBS is unique in that it is easy to learn, fast (no need to look up charts to slow down the game), and offers realism. Also, defenders take an active part in combat. No more do they just set back and let the charts decide their fate after an attacker rolls.

BattleDice™ are 12-sided iconic dice that are larger than normal 12-sided dice. The icons make it easy to identify what damage is done. Used along with the BodyDie™, the attacker in one simple roll can determine how much damage was done, the type of damage done, and where the hit occurs.

The HLBS can be adopted to use in other role-playing games that use regular multi-sided dice. See Battle Tube™ for more details.

The Battle Packs come in five different varieties:

Red Opaque
Red Pearl with black icons
Red Pearl with white icons
Black Pearl with red icons
Black Pearl with white icons

Suggested Retail Price : $6.00