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Kik Sum Mass

The BodyDie™ was designed along with the BattleDice™ for the Hidden Legacy Battle System™, part of the Hidden Legacy™ Role-Playing Game.

The BodyDie™ is used to determine hit location. There are 4 torsos, 2 right and left legs, 1 right and left arm, 1 head, and 1 target. In Hidden Legacy™ target allows you to choose your hit.

The BodyDie™ can be used in any RPG where you need to determine hit location. There are two types, pearl and opaque. Opaque is best used if you wish to modified the die. For example, you could mark one of the torsos a "lower" torso for RPGs that require that. Also, if you need to determine hit location for a 6-legged creature, you can simply mark one right leg and one left leg to represent the middle legs. The unmarked legs would represent the back legs and the arms could represent the front legs.



Suggested Retail Price (Pearl) : $1.25
Suggested Retail Price (Opaque) : $1.00