Hidden Legacy


  The Inyos are another mammalian race and are similar to Humuns in many of their physical characteristics. Their defining defference is the color of their skin, which is normally gray. Their hair is black, though white hair does have a small occurrence rate. An average Inyo had good dusk/twilight vision mostly due to their active night life. This aversion to light can be explained by evolution in that the majority of their ancestors lived in desert or tropical regions. Because of the heat during the day in these regions, it was best to limit activities during daylight hours. Most activities that needed to be done during the day, such as farming, was done at dawn or at dusk when the temperatures were lower. Hunting however was done solely at night. Because of this, most Inyo enemies will not enter an Inyo region at night. Inyos are the best night fighters and use the night to their advantage.

Most Inyos presently live in tropical forest regions where food is more abundant. There are a few Inyo tribes that live in the deserts, but because of limited resources, these tribes are small in number.

Like Humuns, Inyos have tribes, but they ruled be females. The Inyo female is capable of emitted strong pheromones. These pheromones do not enslave the males, but persuade them to be fanatically loyal to their females and will protect them at all cost. It is also said that humun males are sometimes affected by Inyo females as well.