Hidden Legacy
Battle System
Skill System
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  Hidden Legacy™ is a fantasy based role-playing game that offers NINE different and unique races. The Hidden Legacy™ manual gives you all the rules you need to play the game. The world you play on can be of your own creation, or you may wish to venture across the World of Korroth™, a primitive world that will test your character to its limits.

The battle system is unlike any other combat resolution. It is easy to learn, fast to play, will an element of fun. There is no need to look up combat charts anymore. Just role our special BattleDice™, a 12-sider with icons instead of numbers, and bingo, you have combat. If you wish, you can also use regular 12-siders, but the BattleDice™ are much cooler!. For a demo of combart, select the Battle System button.

The skill system is another unique factor to the game. Skill resolution is done with just one roll, it's done over several rolls. Each roll represents a certain amount of time. Therefore if you need to get over the castle wall before the guards come, you need to do it within a certain number of rolls. For a demo of how skills work, select the Skill System button.