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Success Packs consists of 10 SuccessDice™ and were designed for use with the Hidden Legacy Skill System™. The HLSS is unique in the way it resolves skill attempts. No longer is a skill attempt a simple yes or no. With this skill system, success and degrees of failure are determined over several rolls. This allows for an accurate accountability of time. For example, based on a character's quickness, each roll could be 6 seconds. This character has the climbing skill and wants to scale a castle wall. From observing the guards, he estimates he has 60 seconds to make it over the wall. This means that the player needs to complete the skill attempt within 10 rolls or risk being discovered by the guards. Also, when making the attempt, if the player rolls enough failures to fail the attempt, he simply comes back down and can either make another attempt if need be or do something else. However, if the player rolls enough dismal failures, the character fails in a bad way. The GM (Game Moderator) has some options here. The GM can have the character slip and fall off the wall, suffering damage, or perhaps the guards detect the character and give chase. By giving GM options, it creates a dynamic and colorful gaming experience.

SuccessDice™ are 12-sided iconic dice that are larger than normal 12-sided dice. The icons make it easy to identify what has been rolled.

The HLSS can be adopted to use in other role-playing games if all you want is to better way to resolve skills.

The Success Packs come in four different varieties:

Blue Opaque
Blue Pearl
Gold Pearl
Green Pearl

Suggested Retail Price : $6.00