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If you think you can lead a party to victory, then prepare yourself and enter the world of Korroth™

Korroth Kombat™ takes the races from the Hidden Legacy™ world of Korroth™ and allows two or more players to form a party based on those races. Then, using both strategy and tactics, defeat all players by eliminating their party. In Korroth Kombat™, you deal only with the combat aspect of an RPG encounter. No role-playing, no seeking fame and fortune, no worrying about how much food you need to carry. It is simply hard-core combat, the loser dies, the winner lives another day.

The game comes with 18 race cards, 15 auxiliary card, 10 BattleDice™, 20 record sheets, and rules for standard and optional methods of play.

Suggested Retail Price : $15.00