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Valiant Games designs and produces various games for your enjoyment. Our first game, a role-play game, is called Hidden Legacy™. Based off of the Hidden Legacy Battle System™ (a part of the Hidden Legacy Role-Playing Game), we created The Battle Tube™ and Kik Sum Mass™.

The Battle Tube™ is basically a condensed version of the HLBS and comes with guidelines of how to use this system in place of any RPGs current battle system.

Kik Sum Mass™ is a simple two player game where the object of the game is simple. Kill your opponent. The rules are easy and there aren't a lot of them. The game was design to be fast and easy to learn. It is a great game to play to fill in some time when traveling or simply watching TV with a buddy.

We also provide several different types and colors of multi-sided dice to use in existing games at low prices. To check out all of our products, including the dice, go to webstore to place orders and to see jpegs of the different dice.